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About Us

Brian and Tanya Pursifull, the passionate proprietors of Apricot Home, pour their hearts into curating an extraordinary collection. With a fervor for unique finds, they scour the country to offer the finest selection of furniture, home decor, antiques, and collectibles in the enchanting realm of the Magic Valley. Their dynamic approach includes a stellar consignment program, ensuring a perpetually evolving inventory. Act swiftly if you spot a cherished item, as the ever-changing nature of their offerings means it might not linger until your next visit. Apricot Home: where treasures abound in the form of furniture, home decor, antiques, and collectibles.

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Brian & Tanya



Brian & Tanya purchased Apricot Home in 2020. They have always been a collector of the unique and fun and Apricot Home gave them a "home" to bring that passion to the community. 


Michelle & Gary Higginbotham


Michelle & Gary are a husband and wife team that assist Brian and Tanya at Apricot Home. They have a passion for furniture, home decor, antiques and collectibles which makes Apricot Home, their home away from home. 

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